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The Scottish Conservatives have a new leader. So what, most of you would say. Because to many, the Conservatives are an irrelevance here in Scotland. Dear old Annabel fussed about like a dear old auntie chiding the other party leaders with what sounded like good old homespun advice instead of the political poison darts she should have been spitting. Ruth could be a bit more savvy and on target though. After all, she’s been a journalist for many years so she should know better.

I hold no personal torch for the Conservative party in thus day and age, even the Scottish semi-skimmed brand. The Westminster mob are trying to drive through some of the most disgusting and heartless legislation I’ve ever come across with their benefit reform proposals. Making the most disadvantaged and the most sick and disabled people pay for the millionaires mistakes in mismanaging the financial and economic sectors is just obscene. Why should disability living allowance be cut to fund a (state bailed out) banker’s winter skiing trip to Verbier or St Moritz in the form of annual bonuses ? Is this the mark if a political party which cares about ordinary people? Not any more.

Because I think this was not always the case. I was a Conservative supporter in my youth. I was brought up with values like hard work, support your family, contribute to society, maintain law and order help others and remember to look after those less fortunate or disadvantaged through no fault of their own. But that’s all gone now. Our society is selfish, many choose not to work relying on the state to support their ever burgeoning families. Many refuse to contribute, the Police are shot through with corruption and perjury appears to be the norm for for a service which in many parts of the country has become a haven for trigger-happy violent politicised bullies. Instead of contributing more, our wealthiest have become addicted to excess ( bank bonuses are a damming indictment of this culture) whilst our sick and disabled are targeted for benefit cuts and labelled as malingering scroungers. And because of this I’m not the Conservative I once was, almost by nature, I think.

Ruth Davidson is, whatever many might think, a fresh face. This party has done what might have seemed unthinkable just a few years ago in an age of legislation like section 28 and elected a young, gay, woman as it’s leader. Surely to God that must be a sign of progress? So come on Ruth, get going. Fire up all your guns and blaze a bit…and follow the example of the SNP and get your social media presence going. I manage the social media presence of a small number of selected clients including a major Scottish charity, and I know just how important such a presence is if you want to connect with people and their networks in this day and age.

So come on Ruth…let’s hear what you’re all about. We’ll spread the message, good and bad, so think carefully about what you want to say. And manage your presence well (getting professional advice is essential for you) because you’ll get far more connections than a newspaper or television interview will ever get you nowadays, and you’ll be able to target your voter prospects so much more precisely through the networks of your converts than with a traditional media presence ‘scattergun’ approach.

In this era of Salmond-style quasi-presidential politics, strong opposition is needed perhaps more than ever in Scotland. We need you to play your part in this Ruth, so come on…get going girl. Start to build your tribe and who knows, we may just follow you…

Thanks to Amnesty International Scotland for the creative commons photo- at least we know one thing Ruth stands for now !

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