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7 Time-Saving iPad Tips For Teachers

Posted on: July 23, 2013

A great post on iPad use. I’m a huge fan of the power of the iPad to transform classroom practice and learning. When you add this to their fantastic education support package, I think  the Apple tablet is pretty much  unbeatable at the moment. We often talk about how it’s not the device that matters, but the teaching.  Well, that’s a pretty glib statement to trot out without thinking a little bit about just what a device will do or can achieve and what  is in place to support the transformative practice.

I wasn’t always an apple fan  but things change, and it’s always worth reappraising your views from time to time.  After lots of work, conversations and school visits,  I know that it’s now a situation of..iPads and the rest.  The ‘rest’ is the Android and windows tablets which are not gaining much traction with teachers and students at the moment.  This might change if the manufacturers start to match the complete Apple package and Samsung look to be heading in this direction with their Smart School product and plans to develop apps and resources in the pipeline. Until then,  it’s going to be a difficult road for other tablets in education,  particularly in Scotland and the rest of the UK

7 Time-Saving iPad Tips For Teachers | Edudemic.

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