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No room for complacency…

Posted on: June 4, 2013

 Google_fiber_logo.jpegWhilst we should feel pretty pleased about improvements promised to our schools network and connectivity, as well as faster internet speed, heralded by the SWAN program, it wouldn’t do to get too complacent. The ‘SuperWeb’ is just around the corner. Its one of the three trends highlighted by Silicon valley analyst Mary Meeker as ones to watch.

With the pace of technology change quickening year on year, it won’t be long before the SuperWeb, with  its speeds of up to one hundred times the current fastest available becomes the norm. Will our schools be  able to benefit from such a development? And with Google trailblazing this particular pathway with their Google Fiber projects being rolled out around the world, might we here in Scotland once again rue the day we chose to partner with the ‘other’ tech company?

Or is the perhaps unpalatable truth really that no national government-funded education system can ever seriously expect or aspire to be ahead of the ‘technology change’ curve? That we have to be creative with what we do have, and manage expectations accordingly?

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