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Glow and CfE support – the elephant in the room?

Posted on: May 30, 2013

A great blog post from Charlie about the current disconnect between Glow and ACfE. Glow has always been touted as *the* delivery mechanism for ACfE, and yet, as Charlie points out, there’s little mention of GLOW in the new resources for the national courses. Why is this?  Is it almost as if those writing the resources were afraid to include GLOW for some reason?

Again, I agree with Charlie that there needs to be some more evidence of joined up thinking between the Schools and the Glow/Emerging technologies parts of Education Scotland. When the version using MS365 starts to be rolled out in August, it’s vital that there is a reason for teachers to visit Glow, and perhaps more importantly,  to return and contribute. National learning spaces for subjects, stages, and ACfE themes are the minimum that should be there perhaps…

We need a vibrant successful Glow for the eventual ICTEx plans for GlowPlus to be realised down the line and for there to be a seamless transition. The issues with platform agnosticity apart, our education community *must* have a reason to *want* to go into Glow. Forcing them in, as one or two prominent figures in education have suggested is completely the wrong approach to take and is as as outdated as the hierarchy which produced it. My own  views on this are well known. Bruce Robertson of RM-sponsored ADES made the following point about Glow and Leadership…

 “The leadership necessary to make Glow be successful over the past five years has not been demonstrated,” 

I hope he wasn’t referring to the type of leadership which forces teachers to use Glow just for the sake of it, to massage the user stats by posting stuff in Glow which might be better placed elsewhere, but the leadership which we need from Education Scotland and school leadership teams. By this I mean an increase in the cultural capacity which encourages and leads by example. The opportunities for improved or enhanced learning and teaching available through using Glow (rather than the ‘Huvtae’ attitude displayed by some leaders in education) need to be demonstrated and promoted to teachers and students up and down the country.  

Charlie’s also alludes to this need for capacity building,both cultural and physical.  It’s this which will ensure the success of Glow365 and GlowPlus, and only this. Some joined up thinking needs to be on the menu please.

Glow and CfE support – the elephant in the room?.

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