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Guilty pleasures #3

Posted on: March 13, 2013

Dallas. Not the place, which I’ve not yet visited, but the television show. I love the amazing strong portrayal of the characters up to their perceived stereotypes (developed by the writers over the seasons) and especially the fighting and scheming between JR and Bobby. That my own initials were also JR for years before marriage almost gave my internal desire to win and always look for the next chance some validity in a strange sort of way. I’m delighted to see the JR vs Bobby rivalry is being continued (in the latest reincarnation of the show) between their sons John Ross and Christopher…with a little help from their respective fathers.

dallas2wholecast-600x461The other characters were great too and again, its wonderful to see them make their cameo appearances. We get Cliff Barnes, the train-wreck who came good in the end, Sue Ellen who nearly won the gubernatorial race but for a little bribery coming out, Lucy and Ray Krebbs all ageing disgracefully well. Miss Ellie’s long dead, but I’d love to see Clayton Farlowe (played by Howard keel) come along to sort out the warring Ewings with a good slap, just like he used to give JR when he stepped out of line too much..

But we get a wonderful new villain in the evil and twisted Harris Ryland

So. Guilty pleasure #3. Dallas.

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