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Deja Glew…

Posted on: January 26, 2013

Anybody reading our ICTEx report, published last week might agree with me that it describes a pretty elegant solution to the challenge of scoping out the next iteration of Scotland’s national schools intranet. A core set of supported services reached via a secure authentication system, which is intuitive, user friendly, and with scope for personalisation. The user ‘owns’ their page, and having customised it, can also choose from other tools and services, as well as content, and can create, consume, and share with others.

So far so good. Our paper ticks all the boxes, and puts the user at the heart of the whole kaboodle. So now we go onto the implementation phase, putting in place all the ticks into the boxes, and probably having to take up a large chunk of the Learning Directorate’s IT budget.

Or do we? because, as others have pointed out to me over the past couple of days, we already have in place most of what is outlined in our proposal paper. Its called GLEW and has been designed and developed by Charlie Love over the past couple of years. In fact, it was designed to be everything that GLOW isn’t and hasn’t been. Go and have a look at the new interface. It beats the current GLOW front end, Unify into a cocked hat!

Why, oh why aren’t we looking at GLEW as the realisation of the ICTEx paper?  As Charlie himself says,

“The aim of Glew was always to develop a system to bring together the best of the web and OpenSource and free software tools for learning”

If we’re thinking about best use of public funds, we should be seriously considering GLEW as the successor to GLOW.

3 Responses to "Deja Glew…"

That did cross my mind too when reading the report.

Isn’t it strange that governments are happy to “take risks” with people’s lives to save money by capping benefits etc, but they’re not willing to “take risks” by opting for open source software to save money.

Perhaps this is yet another reason for education to be depoliticised? Are we hamstrung by our close association to government which results in risk-averse policies in the upper echelon’s of the system?

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