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On Israel and Gaza

Posted on: November 17, 2012

Things are developing pretty fast in the middle east tonight. Its looking increasingly like there’s going to be some sort of escalation of the fighting between Israel and  Hamas, ‘the government’ in Gaza. Seventy five thousand first-rank reserve troops have just been called up. With Israeli military intelligence being one of the best in the world, would they mobilise on this scale without good cause. Are these lessons learner from the Yom Kippur war years ago? Are there grounds for thinking that the new Egyptian government might be on the verge of launching an attack on Israel maybe? 

I’m a pro-Israeli, probably quite Zionist. I support the right of Israel to exist. I’m not sure a two-state solution will ever work, particularly as Hamas still want to, as they’ve put it before I think, ‘wipe Israel from the map’. I get sick and tired of folks on twitter acting as apologists for Hamas terrorism as if it were some heroic struggle. Lets not forget the thousands of rockets fired into Israeli settlements from Gaza over the past year or so.

And then there’s the human rights stuff too. Israel denies Palestinians their human rights? Oh yeah? well, what about the LGBT folks in Gaza and the West bank who have no rights under the PAA? At least all residents of Israel have access to free medical care and education, including Palestinians. 

Twitter has been full of these armchair activists tonight bleating on about the injustice of it all. One silly person even accused the IDF of, and I quote..’systematic murder of children’. That strikes me as quite an irresponsible comment. Maybe, as with Lebanon and its brand of terrorist organisation in the 80’s, its time for the whole Hamas mess to be cleaned out once and for all. Then maybe, there might be a chance of peace in this part of the world. 

There’s a time when perhaps fighting, or even war is necessary. Is this one of those times again?

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