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I’ve just finished the latest from John Grisham. It’s called The Confession and I have to admit that anything by this particular author would be one of my guilty pleasures. Actually, come to think of it, I don’t really see why there should be anything guilty at all about reading. I’ve never been a book snob. I happily devour the collective outputs of Grisham, Higgins, Francis, and Bernard Cornwell, to name but a few. I’ve heard many people slate John Grisham’s work as formula, or pot boiler, but to me that’s just opinion. I like to be entertained. To feel that I shouldn’t put the book down, gripped by the plot, and this latest from him was no different to all the others.

It’s no secret that Grisham is against the death penalty. He’s written about this before ( in The Chamber). And the Confession holds up the American justice system for the biased, unfair, and dangerous farce it has become especially for murder cases. In the southern states like Texas, if you’re male and black and accused of murder….well, you don’t stand much of a chance of a fair crack if the whip under their judicial process. Grisham very cleverly, in my view, holds up the whole farcical process from arrest to the needle to the grotesque ridicule it deserves.

The recent judicial murder by the US state of Georgia of Troy Davis was another example of why these lynch mob mentality killings must be brought to an end.

The USA is one of the very few civilised countries left in the world which still has the death penalty and actively uses it. They’re fond of using the bible to justify it. An eye for an eye, they say. But what about, thou shalt not kill? And moving away from the old testament, what would Jesus do? Would he not try to stop each and every one of these executions (and calling them that just adds to their shaky air of quasi-credibility doesn’t it?) just as he did the stoning of Mary Magdalene? Would he stand by and witness these killings and do nothing?

Please support Amnesty International in the important work they do with others in the USA to end these judicial murders. When I taught at Cathkin High School the students ran a campaigning blog and supported the work done by Amnesty.

And yes, I’d have lent them my John Grishams if they’d asked !!

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