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The Scotish Educational Research Association conference is taking place at the moment in Perth. Saturday is a practitioner day. Now this concept is not everybody’s cup of tea, but at least it allows teacher-researchers to attend and present their research papers when they otherwise might be unable to attend due to teaching commitments. A lot of educational research is viewed by teachers as perhaps impractical and attracts the criticism of not being practice based. The recent TESS trailer by Tom Conlon to a forthcoming SER article on GLOW might be seen as a classic case in point – written by someone very remote from everyday classroom practice, hastily written without proper classroom research and background review. His comment about ‘amateur chatter’ as he put it, drowning out the true knowledgeable voices (I presume he meant the so-called experts such as he would no doubt like to call himself) just illustrates how out of touch he and his ilk are with 21st century learning. The SERA practitioner day, and others like it attempt perhaps to address this balance a little. It also allows teachers to attend as a part of their CPD programmes. I’m giving a presentation on my own research paper, discussing the data and statistical analysis in a little more detail as befits this type of conference. I will also be talking a little about what this data means in terms of the effect GLOW can have on classroom pedagogy and peer-assisted learning (or amateur chatter, as Tom Conlon calls it) as well as the classroom coding and work diary studies which we are currently carrying out to look at GLOW vs Non-GLOW lessons. For those interested,  the link to my presentation is…


Thanks again are due to the GTCS and it’s research officer, Ian Mathieson, for funding and publishing this research. The teacher researcher programme is a great scheme which allows classroom practitioners to spend time researching areas of interest to them. I’m very grateful to Ian for all his help, advice and support during the first phase of my work, and for his encouragement of its continuation.

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