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Plus ca change…plus c’est la meme chose…

Posted on: August 23, 2013

ImageThe more things change, the more they stay the same…

With the news, just announced, that RM have won the tender for the secure authentication and portal for GLOW for the next twenty-five months, the question now has to be asked, are we any further forward after two years of consultation, lots of money spent, and countless hours of debate and hard work by many people around the country?  In the letter today from the Scottish Government announcing the contract award, Liza McLean said this..

“Some of the key long term benefits for Scottish Education of these recent improvements to Glow will be

  •  MS Office 365 tools at no charge, provision of free, creative and relevant learning            content, no licence fees, reduced printing and copying costs and free storage

  •  A secure environment with any place, any time, any device access

  •  A user-focused environment, providing the ability to widen learning opportunities        and strengthen community partnerships

  •  An open system which is agile and responsive to our changing environment”

It is disappointing that the migration of the current GLOW to the Microsoft 365 platform is reported to have run into trouble, Charlie Love details this in his latest blog post. I don’t think Glow as it stands now, or will for the foreseeable future, comes anywhere close to the aspirations Liza sets out in the extract from her letter, above. There is lots which could (and probably will, in time) be said about the journey which we have made so far together with the procurement process which has lead to this latest contract award, and I’m sure many will now wish to comment.

I have, so far,  been cautiously optimistic about the progress towards the GlowPlus solution we outlined in our Excellence Group Final Report in January, and so for the moment I’m going to confine myself to saying this – After all the effort, struggle, dialogue and consultation, when the current contract extension for GLOW ends in December, we will move from an RM-fronted GLOW running on Microsoft Sharepoint to…… an RM-fronted GLOW running on Microsoft Sharepoint.

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose….

( Please take a moment to read the disclaimer attached to everything written on this personal blog of mine )

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3 Responses to "Plus ca change…plus c’est la meme chose…"

Well this is just more evidence of RM’s continuous display of ripping tax payers money from the grasp of local government promising everything delivering nothing.

They seem to have a continual unimprovement plan rather than most companies who have improvement program’s,

Their plan is to promote 1/2 cocked products and sell them to anybody who doesn’t ask to many questions, then implement it and send the invoices.

I’m still to find anybody who actually promotes RM.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a copy of this report

Excellence Group Final Report

@Brett You can read the final report from the ICTEx group here… http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Resource/0041/00412968.pdf
As to your comments about RM…you might say that – I couldn’t possibly comment…yet

There is a lot more to come out about the workings of the Excellence group and the procurement which has resulted in this latest contract award. I’m sure this will surface in the fullness of time. It is important that we focus on the implementation of the group’s report – this is what the Key Reference group has been tasked with by Mr Russell. My own concerns centre on the openness and transparency of the entire process, something I fear which is certainly not a completely common concern.

The migration of GLOW into the MS365 platform has run into severe difficulties, and indeed, Education Scotland and the Scottish Government wrote to all LA’s and other connected groups (including our own) at the end of last week informing us of changes in the way the programme was to be implemented. I’ve made my views known about the capacity of ES, as it currently stands,to be able to handle a project of this magnitude. Hopefully, all of these issues will now be addressed and the migration will happen without further problems.


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